Novice Online Driver Training has moved to a new version.

The new course features are as follows:

  1. HTML5 compatible which eliminates "flash" video issues for students
  2. Updated content; graphics and videos to enhance learner experience and retention
  3. You will be able to generate links (now called coupons) more easily
  4. You will have access to reports to see which student has "used" their coupon and who hasn't registered yet.
  5. You will have access to progress reports/marks on all your students if you so desire.
  6. Certificates will be emailed immediately to you and your students upon completion.

Please click on this link to access a manual on how to update your login password and how to generate a coupon for your students.

Also, click on this link for a short video showing you how easy the process is!!

We will be holding webinars on Feb 5 10:30 am and Feb 12 1:00 pm to further train those interested in accessing student progress reports. We will email webinar instructions as well as a pdf manual early Feb; so stay tuned.

Please be advised that our course pricing has remained the same since the inception of the old program a number of years ago. We will be increasing your price marginally to $55.00 per student effective April 1st which should allow you time to adjust your pricing accordingly.

The existing students (on the previous version of the OnLine Novice Training Course) will have until April 30th to complete. Any student that has not completed the course will have to register for the new Novice course which means that they will have to start from the beginning again to complete it. We have advised all students enrolled in the legacy program of this change.

As always we are available to help you through this transition. Please feel free to call us at 403-283-0077 (Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5pm) or email if you require any assistance using this upgraded course.